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How to clean car wheel brake dust at home

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Brake dust removal on Jaguar F-Type

Brake dust can be really stubborn and can require aggressive methods to clean. If left untreated and unprotected for long periods the brake dust will need the attention of a professional auto Detailer. The inner portion of the wheel is one of those areas that most people forgot to clean while cleaning their automobiles. Below I’ll provide some simple do-it-yourself steps to clean the brake dust from your wheels.

Always wash the vehicle and especially the wheels in a shaded area, and allow vehicle and brake components to cool down after driving before cleaning brake dust from the wheel area.

Brake dust removal DIY steps

1.) items needed for brake dust removal include gallon size or larger bucket, wheel woolie, microfiber towel, water and simple green.

2.) start by thoroughly rinsing wheels in a shaded area. Focus your efforts and water pressure on where brake dust is heaviest at.

3.) apply non toxic simple green diluted 10/1 to entire surface of wheel to include all inner portions of wheel and brake calipers. Agitate face of wheel or spokes with microfiber towel. Agitate brake dust that’s on the inner portion of the wheels and calipers with a wheel woolie or microfiber towel to remove brake dust. Repeat steps 2,3 if not satisfied with initial results.

4.) thoroughly rinse brake dust and simple green solution from wheels and brake calipers. Dry wheels utilizing a microfiber towel.

5.) Bonus tip. Apply wax, sealant, or DIY ceramic coating to protect the wheels and increase longevity. Applying a protectant doesn’t eliminate brake dust. It will make cleaning your wheels much easier and much harder for brake dust to stick to the inner surface of the wheels.

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