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How do I clean my car mats at home

Below is not the only way, but a way to clean your car mats at home.

  1. shake cloth mats aggressively 
  2. use a soft-medium bristle brush to remove loose dirt and pet hair
  3. vacuum mats throughly 
  4. Soak mats throughly with water and carpet cleaner. If you have a pressure washer with max PSI 2000 you can pressure wash the mats. 
  5. use soft- medium bristle brush to agitate fiber and remove surface dirt and grime
  6. Use an shampoo/extraction tool like the one listed below
  7. If you don’t have access to an extractor, rinse mats throughly and continue to agitate mats until dirt and soil is removed
  8. Hang mat to dry
  1. For rubber mat shake and remove surface dirt
  2. apply warm water to rubber mats and use a medium bristle brush and mild soap. Agitate the entire surface of the mat on both sides
  3. rinse and repeat if necessary 

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